Morel Ultimo Titanium Subwoofer TI 84

The Ultimo Ti is the purest expression of bass reproduction which is all but unrivalled in car audio. The advanced design featuringcopper sleeved motor and titanium voice coil former. Quick, accurate and ultra low distiortion allows every bass note to be heard.


  • 200 mm High-End-Subwoofer
  • 5,1"Titan Voice coil mit Hexatech Technologie
  • TMM Magnet
  • Hybrid Membrane aus Papier und Carbon
  • Einbautiefe:114 mm
  • Einbau Ø:200 mm, Außen Ø:222 mm
  • Impedanz:4 Ohm
  • Gewicht:6,1 kg
  • Leistung:800Watt

790,00 €
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